[CMF5]Full day elephant safari at Maeteang Village Chiangmai and Banden Temple.

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08.00 Depart from the residential. Our  touring  being start to the Elephant Safari at Maetang in Chiang Mai offers a chance to experience elephants in their natural environment and engage in activities that promote their well-being. Maetang, located about 60 kilometers north of Chiang Mai city, is known for its lush jungles and scenic landscapes.

Arrival and introduction: Upon reaching the elephant safari you’ll receive a warm welcome and an introduction to the camp’s guidelines and ethical practices. The staff will provide information about the elephants, their backgrounds, and the conservation efforts undertaken.

Observing and interacting with elephants: You’ll have the opportunity to observe elephants in their natural habitat, which may include watching them graze, bathe, or play. Engaging with the elephants is done on their terms, allowing them to approach visitors voluntarily. Feeding the elephants art of experience the visitors will have the opportunity ride the elephants and take an ox-cart around the village Lunch at the camp will be provided

Enjoy bamboo rafting experience along the Maeteang River and have a fantastic time exploring the natural beauty of Maeteang river side and our touring continue visit Wat Ban Den, is a beautiful Buddhist temple located in the Maeteang district of Chiang Mai,

16.00 Return to the resident free at your leisure

Tour Includes

English specking guide

Air- conditioned Transportation

Entrance Fee, Elephants demonstration, riding ,ox-cart ride, Bamboo raft

Lunch, drinking water

An accident Insurance

Tour Not Includes : Additional expenses for certain activities or attractions are not mentioned on the itinerary,and Gratuity, Tipping

Tour Price : 1lease Contact BNB Thailand Travels for tour cost by submit Booking Inquiry form or contact us directly as following informations

E mail: bnbthailandtravels@gmail.com

Line ID : 93bnbtour

What’sA +66 993262493